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Mountain forests

Since living memory people have been dependent on the protection provided by mountain forests. It protects against avalanches, rock slides, erosion and floods and also provides habitat for many plant and animal species. It further serves as a recreational area and is used for timber production.


BWP-cmyk-smalThe non-profit organization aims at maintaining and protecting the mountain forest and cultivated landscape, especially through maintenance work events and the advancement of public knowledge about the needs of the forest.

The idea and aim is to visit the forest with various types of people and meet with professionals on site to experience and understand the mountain forest. Volunteers make an active contribution to the sustainment of protection forests, which fosters a personal and ecological awareness.

The Bergwaldproject was founded in 1987 and is financed by donations, legacies or contributions made by partner organizations and forest owners. The foundation is politically and denominationally neutral.