The app for all plant enthusiasts, forest workers, gardeners, biologists, alternative practitioners and more!
Easy determination, identification and training for Central European forest trees and shrubs.


iForest is a smartphone application (app) which turns the Android cell phone, iPhone, iPod-touch or iPad into an electronic plant book. It allows you to classify, identify, compare and practice your knowledge of most Central European trees and shrubs. The app includes comprehensive information on native conifers, deciduous trees and shrubs. 

When purchasing this app you are also supporting the Bergwaldprojekt. 10% of all revenues go directly to the Bergwaldprojekt.

Here you can find all features of iForest and get information on everything that iForest can do.

Have a look at the images in our gallery. Using these examples you can view the available 16 images per plant species which show characteristic traits from seeds to tree crowns. iForest provides this information for more than 100 plants, supplemented with additional, comprehensive information. Besides botanical information you will also find information on timber, habitat, silviculture, dangers, history, forest cuisine or the Celtic tree zodiac.



Images and text are courtesy of the CODOC project of the Federal Office for the Environment FOEN.





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