Plant Classification

If you see a tree or shrub in the forest, park or garden you can use your smartphone to classify it. The shown example is a branch of a deciduous tree on whose thorns you hurt your finger (see photographs). The leaves have an entire leaf egde and a pinnate shape. You can enter these characteristics under the menu option "Plant Classification" (see screenshot "plant classification", TabBar menu "Classify).

Finger_Robinienstachel > en_bestimmen_02

Entering as many characteristics as possible will limit the choice of possible matches which will be displayed in the list. When your smartphone displays a possible math you can tip on "show match (1)", which will show you the suggested matches. You can tap on the shown entry will then display an overview with all pictures and additional information about the plant.

en_bestimmen_03 > en_bestimmen_04

To compare the suggested plant with your speciemen tap on the corresponding icon (e.g. leaf) of the trait you would like to compare. This will then show you a full screen photograph of the trait (see picture bottom right). Tapping on "botanical traits" will give you more comprehensive information on the botanical traits of the plant.

en_bestimmen_05 >en_bestimmen_06

If you would like to view one of the traits as a picture while viewing the "botanical traits" text simply tap on the corresponding text (in this case "leaves/needles") and it will display the traits of the plant. Instructions on how to view large scale photographs on your iPhone can be found under "View" in the menu.