By selecting a species from the "List" option in the tab bar you can view up to 16 images for each shrub and tree species on your smartphone. To quickly find a plant enter the name in the box "enter search term" (example: searching for "larch"). You only need to touch the icon or the name of the plant to access the overview showing all available images.

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By touching an icon (in the shown example "female flower") the image will be enlarged. By tapping it again the high resolution image will be downloaded on your iPhone. To view details you can zoom the downloaded image afterwards. The gallery shows examples for the overview with available images for one tree, shrub and dwarf shrub species.


To access more information on a plant (e.g. site/habitat) you can find different menus beneath the image overview. Tapping on the icon or text "site" will show you all information on the habitat for this plant.

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